Grammar lesson 1 (Notes with activities) UFC promo 2023

Lesson 1: Understanding Nouns

Objective: To learn about nouns and their role in sentences.

Introduction to Nouns:

  • Nouns are a type of word used to name things.
  • They can name people, places, and things.

Activity: Identifying Nouns

  1. Look at the sentence: “The girl and the boy read together.”
    • Identify the people in this sentence. In this case, ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ are the nouns, as they name people.
    • Think of other nouns that name people, such as ‘teacher’ or ‘doctor’.
  2. Another example: “We drove from school to the library.”
    • Identify the places in this sentence. Here, ‘school’ and ‘library’ are the nouns as they name places.
    • Can you think of other nouns that name places, like ‘grocery store’?
  3. Consider the sentence: “I forgot my backpack and my coat.”
    • Identify the things in this sentence. ‘Backpack’ and ‘coat’ are nouns as they name objects.
    • Try to think of other nouns that name things, such as ‘book’ or ‘pencil’.


  • Nouns are essential in constructing sentences as they give names to people, places, and things.
  • Understanding nouns is crucial for language development and communication.
  1. Find and Classify Nouns in Sentences:
    • Activity: Read the following sentences and identify the nouns, classifying them as people, places, or things.
      • Sentence 1: “The teacher spoke to the students in the classroom.”
      • Sentence 2: “She put the flowers in a vase on the table.”
    • Answers:
      • Sentence 1: Teacher (person), students (people), classroom (place).
      • Sentence 2: Flowers (things), vase (thing), table (thing).
  2. Matching Nouns to Categories:
    • Activity: Match the following nouns to the correct category: people, places, things.
      • Nouns: hospital, bicycle, firefighter, mountain, lawyer.
    • Answers:
      • People: Firefighter, lawyer.
      • Places: Hospital, mountain.
      • Things: Bicycle.
  3. Complete the Sentences with Appropriate Nouns:
    • Activity: Fill in the blanks with appropriate nouns.
      • Sentence 1: “Every morning, the _________ walks her dog in the _________.”
      • Sentence 2: “The _________ wrote a report on his laptop.”
    • Answers:
      • Sentence 1: woman (person), park (place).
      • Sentence 2: journalist (person), laptop (thing).
  4. Noun Identification Challenge:
    • Activity: Identify all the nouns in the following paragraph.
      • Paragraph: “Tim and Sally went to the beach. They built a sandcastle and watched the sunset. Later, they ate dinner at their favorite restaurant.”
    • Answers:
      • Tim (person), Sally (person), beach (place), sandcastle (thing), sunset (thing), dinner (thing), restaurant (place).
  5. Creating Sentences with Given Nouns:
    • Activity: Create a sentence using each of the following nouns.
      • Nouns: astronaut, museum, telescope.
    • Example Answers:
      • Astronaut: “The astronaut shared stories about her space mission.”
      • Museum: “We visited the museum to see the ancient artifacts.”
      • Telescope: “Through the telescope, we could see distant stars and galaxies.”



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