Lesson 02, technical writing principale(clarity….)


To apply and enhance my technical writing skills by incorporating the principles of clarity, conciseness, accessibility, and accuracy in creating effective and reader-friendly documents.


Relevant Courses:

– Technical Writing Principles

– Communication Skills

– Editing and Proofreading


1. Clarity: Ability to convey complex information in a clear and understandable manner using simple language, active sentences, and comprehensive details.

2. Conciseness: Proficiency in expressing ideas concisely through the use of short words, sentences, and avoidance of unnecessary repetition.

3. Accessibility: Skillful in creating documents that are easy to read and navigate by utilizing headings, lists, tables of contents, and other organizational tools.

4. Accuracy: Attention to detail and commitment to ensuring the correctness of information by using spell check, seeking feedback, and reading aloud.


[If applicable, list any relevant experience or internships related to technical writing.]

Activities and Assessments:

– Completed Activity 2.1: Successfully answered multiple-choice questions related to the attributes of technical writing, demonstrating a precise understanding of the concepts.

– Completed Activity 2.2: Practiced simplifying long words by replacing them with shorter, more concise words, showcasing effective word replacements that convey the same meaning.

– Completed Activity 2.3: Revised a provided paragraph from a case note to make it more concise and less wordy while retaining clarity and essential meaning.


1. Correct Answers: Confident in providing correct responses to the multiple-choice questions in Activity 2.1 based on the provided key answers.

2. Effective Word Replacements: Reviewed word replacements for long words in Activity 2.2, ensuring chosen short words effectively convey the same meaning.

3. Concise Revision: Carefully revised the paragraph in Activity 2.3, creating a more concise version that retains clarity and essential meaning.


By mastering the principles of clarity, conciseness, accessibility, and accuracy in technical writing, I am equipped to excel in creating documents that are informative, reader-friendly, and error-free. I am eager to apply these skills in a professional setting and contribute to the success of projects through effective communication.

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