Lesson 1: Political Parties in Britain Versus Political Culture in the USA (Task 4 answer) drag the words into their correct boxes


Read the following passage on the political culture in Britain and the USA and drag the words into their correct boxes to complete the passage.

Words :

Liberty, judicial,systems, monarchy, Conservative,  higher, values, Republican, Revolution, culture, Prime, authority, legislative, Magna-Cartad,emocratic,two-party, lower, parliamentary, revolutionary. 


Political culture in Britain and the USA is shaped by their distinct historical backgrounds, government  1() and societal  2() -. In Britain, the political culture is deeply rooted in its long history, with events like the  3()  and the Glorious  4()  playing crucial roles in establishing democratic principles and constitutional monarchy. The country operates as a constitutional  5()  -with a  Vide system, where the monarch serves as the ceremonial head of state, and the  Vide 7()  Minister holds executive  8()  A multi-party system, including major parties like the  Vide 9()  Party and the Labour Party, characterises the political landscape in Britain. On the other hand, the USA’s political  Vide 10()  emerged from a  11()  struggle for independence, emphasising individualism and the pursuit of  12() . The USA operates as a federal  13()republic with a clear separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and  14()branches. The President serves as both the head of state and government, and Congress is the primary  15()body. Unlike Britain’s multi-party system, the USA follows a  Vide 16() system, with the Democratic Party and the  17()Party as dominant political forces.

Regarding political participation, Britain has a  18()  voter turnout and a tradition of engaging in protests and demonstrations to express opinions. In contrast, the USA has historically experienced 19()  voter turnout but compensates with greater involvement in grassroots activism and lobbying efforts.



Based on the document, here are the correct words to complete the passage:

  1. systems
  2. values
  3. Magna Carta
  4. Revolution
  5. monarchy
  6. parliamentary
  7. Prime
  8. authority
  9. Conservative
  10. culture
  11. revolutionary
  12. Liberty
  13. democratic
  14. judicial
  15. legislative
  16. two-party
  17. Republican
  18. higher
  19. lower

This fills in the blanks for the passage on the political culture in Britain and the USA.

Here’s a rewritten version of the paragraph using the correct words, condensed to fit the summary guidelines:

“Political culture in Britain and the USA is shaped by their distinct historical backgrounds, government systems, and societal values. Britain’s political culture, rooted in the Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution, operates under a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. The Prime Minister holds executive authority, and parties like the Conservative Party play a significant role. In contrast, the USA’s culture, born from a revolutionary struggle, emphasizes liberty in its democratic republic. It has a two-party system with the Republican Party as a key player. Britain generally sees higher voter turnout and public engagement in protests, while the USA, with lower turnout, focuses more on grassroots activism and lobbying.”

For a detailed view, you can refer back to the original document.

meaning in Arabic :

“ثقافة بريطانيا والولايات المتحدة السياسية مشكلة بفعل خلفياتهما التاريخية المتميزة، أنظمتهما الحكومية، وقيمهما المجتمعية. تأسست الثقافة السياسية البريطانية في جذورها التاريخية كالماجنا كارتا وثورة المجد، وتعمل تحت نظام ملكي دستوري بنظام برلماني. يحمل رئيس الوزراء السلطة التنفيذية، وتلعب أحزاب مثل حزب المحافظين دوراً هاماً. في المقابل، تأسست الثقافة الأمريكية من كفاح ثوري يركز على الحرية في جمهوريتها الديمقراطية. وتتبع نظاماً ثنائي الحزب مع الحزب الجمهوري كلاعب رئيسي. بريطانيا عادة ما تشهد إقبالاً أعلى للناخبين ومشاركة عامة في الاحتجاجات، في حين تركز الولايات المتحدة، مع إقبال أقل، على النشاط الشعبي وجهود الضغط.”

For a detailed view, you can refer back to the original document.

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