Task UFC/Compréhension et expression écrite 3

Instruction: You are provided with examples of writing. Your task is to categorize each of them by determining whether they fall under ‘technical writing’ or ‘non-technical writing’ categories.”

Troubleshooting Guide

Réponse 1

Engineering Report

Réponse 2


Réponse 3

Personal Blog Post

Réponse 4

Inspirational Speech

Réponse 5

Technical Specification Sheet

Réponse 6

Safety Guidelines

Réponse 7


Réponse 8

Scientific Research Paper 

Réponse 9

User Manual

Réponse 10

Medical Procedure Description

Réponse 11

Love Letter

Réponse 12

Patent Application

Réponse 13


Réponse 14

Computer Code Documentation

Réponse 15




Here’s the categorization of each example:


1. Troubleshooting Guide – Technical Writing

2. Engineering Report – Technical Writing

3. Biography – Non-Technical Writing

4. Personal Blog Post – Non-Technical Writing

5. Inspirational Speech – Non-Technical Writing

6. Technical Specification Sheet – Technical Writing

7. Safety Guidelines – Technical Writing

8. Poem – Non-Technical Writing

9. User Manual – Technical Writing

10. Medical Procedure Description – Technical Writing

11. Love Letter – Non-Technical Writing

12. Patent Application – Technical Writing

13. Editorial – Non-Technical Writing

14. Computer Code Documentation – Technical Writing


Technical writing typically involves conveying technical or specialized information, instructions, guidelines, and reports, while non-technical writing includes creative, personal, and general-purpose writing that doesn’t necessarily involve specialized knowledge or instructions.

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