How the language we speak can shape the way we think?

1)   Abstract

One of the most practical ways to make use of your spare time nowadays is to start learning a new skill. People that always succeed are those that are keen to learn something new every day – be it learning about other cultures or learning a second language.

2)   How  the language we speak can shape the way we think ?

We live in a multilingual world, where connectivity is more present than ever. The world is becoming more global and knowing a second language can always give you an unfair advantage. There are tangible benefits of being bilingual:

ü It can help you in your work;

ü It can improve your memory and brain function.

ü This can help you understand the languages ​you used to speak.

ü A second language can completely change your career. Living in an interconnected world means that many jobs are often opportunities where knowing more than one language is important.

As more and more companies do business abroad and build relationships with other countries, employees are often asked to go to work, improve those relationships, or move abroad.

The number of languages and dialects around the world is very impressive, but when you consider ancient or forgotten languages, it is even more amazing. Today, we have more access to different languages ​​than ever before. Whether we’re watching foreign movies or going on vacation, we can see content in different languages. Many countries are home to different cultures, people from different places, speaking different languages. Think big cities like New York or London!


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1) Languages ​are living beings, which means that their expressions can change over time. In addition to that, different communities and social groups can speak different languages, because of different languages ​​and other linguistic areas.

2) People who speak different languages ​​focus on different things, depending on the word or sentence structure they have. It affects our thought processes and emotions.

3) Space and time. A recent study focused on Indigenous Australian communities whose members did not use the terms “right” and “left”. Instead, they use compass directions to communicate every day.

Dumup Community
dumup, solving problems and help your productivity by answering each other’s answers


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