Task one: Add these adverbs to the text.

Task one: Add these adverbs to the text

Always   ever  no longer  only   recently   sometimes  today   twice   yet

Actress and model Viviane Tavenard is 1(always) the centre of attention wherever she goes and her appearance in London for the crowd of photographers waiting 3(only) 4(today)She’s enjoying her life these days and is 5(no longer) concerned about old romances or bad reviews. Tavenard has won the Best Actress award 6(recently) , but that hasn’t stopped her from working on new and 7(somtimes) unusual films. “This is an excellent time,” she said 8 (twice) in an nterview with Celebrity Life magazine. ” I think my life is the best it’s  9 (ever)been.” The good news for all you Viviane Tavenard fans is that you may not have seen her best work 10 (yet)

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