Bored in class complete answer

3.Turn lessons into an interactive performance and encourage the students to take part

4.the ineffectiveness of the teacher-centered approach and addresses issues that Philosophy of Education investigates

4.Bring technology into the class and even outside. Have online chat groups, use YouTube videos and presentations, use Smart boards or any other ways of getting your students excited about learning.

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5.they are not being sufficiently challenged, they have a learning difference or mental health condition, or they are simply not motivated by the subject matter. Alternatively, it could just be that it’s hard for them to sit through so much desk time.

5.Avoid “going through the motions” – Make an effort to be fresh, try new things, take risks, make mistakes, and enjoy the moment.

B.1)-Task 1 (Comprehension) :

1) Jan is bored in her class Because  the professor doesn’t know how to spark our interest , she just walks in and lectures besides that’s there’s no discussion  during the class.

2) Steve is  interested in his class Because his teatcher is the best and her enthusiasm is fascinating she really loves history which make him always on his edge of his seat during the class and when they have discussions , the room is filled with electricity .

B.2)-Task 2 ( Vocabulary and Idioms ):

  1. Based on the context of occurrence, what is the meaning of each of the following expression/word?

1) Bored to death = An indication of how bored Jane felt or jane felt extremly bored.

2) Once in a blue moon = jan’s classmates rarely ask questions.

3) Stick it out = jan have to endure the boredem of that class to The end because it’s a requirement.

4) Spark one’s interest = steve ´s proofessor prompt curiosity among her students

5) What a drag! =  what a boring class!

6) On the edge of your seat =  steve was so excited, and giving all his  attention to the professor

7)  It dawned on me = steve begin to be understood and  realized  for the first time,that he was lucky to be in her class .

  1. State whether the following statements are true or false. Justify your answer




  1. Jan is staying in her class because it is too late to drop it.


a)-Jan is  in that class only because it’s a requirement and it’s to late to drop it. So he have to stick out. Jan’s professor.

  1. Jan’s professor does most of the talking.


b)-did all the talking as he said that she just walk in and lectures there is no discussion.

  1. Steve is going to take a class with Jan’s professor next term.



c)-He  think he ‘ll take you up on his idea to visit his class. Steve did not hint that he would join the class with her next time, but merely planned or thought about the possibility of joining him in jan’s lesson

  1. Steve was lazy at the beginning of the term.



d)-steve was lazy at the beginning of the semester he was fooling around a lot and not taking anything in school very seriously and he failed the first history test.

  1. Students do less talking in Steve’s class than in Jan’s class.



e)-Jan mentioned that most of the students in Jan‘s class were bored not steve class.

a) Shadowing

Find a partner and practice the conversation.

l Notes! Files include two parts: one contains video with audio self recording, second contains mp3 files or m4a(only audio).




Bored in class

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