Grammar activities (complete with any, no, some)

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Table of Contents

Task one

Choose an ending ( a-e) to each beginning (1-6) and add any, some or no.

1- I don’t know what Brian does with all his money ( c )                            a- I’ll bring (some)

2- I hope you will be careful when you’re using the paint. ( f)                   b- I’m afraid there is (no) milk.

3- Do you mind having black coffee today? ( b )                                         c- He never has(any).

4- You have to pick a number between one and ten. ( e )                           d- So I missed (some)of it.

5- I think we will probably need paper plates and napkins. (a)                  e- Choose (any) of them.

6- The concert was good, but i couldn’t stay to the end. ( d )                      f- Don’t spell any

Task two:

Complete these sentences  from an article on student life) with any ( x4) , no (x3) or some (x3).

Did you know that (any) thirty percent of students have to leave university, not because they can’t cope with their studies, but because they simply can’t afford it?

In one survey, researchers found that students cited ( some ) money more often than (some) other reason such as reason such as reason such as ” courses are difficult ” for ending  their studies .

During interviews with the researchers, some of these former students said that they had tried to do part-time jobs after classes, but they had discovered that they didn’t have(no) time or they had no  energy left for study when they finished their jobs at night.

When the researchers asked these students if they received financial support from their parents, (some) said that they had, but the majority said they hadn’t received (any). Most of those interviewed said they had (some) plans to return to university (any) time soon.

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Grammar activities (complete with any, no, some)
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