Phonetic exam with solution

Task 1: Identify the following statements (05 points)

A. It investigates how speech sounds are produced and articulated by the vocal organs and their physiology: Articulatory Phonetics
B. It studies the perception of speech sounds by the hearer’s ears in terms of the physiology of hearing organs and how the brain interprets the information: Auditory Phonetics
C. It studies the physical properties of speech sounds, as transmitted between mouth and ear. With attention to the sound waves generated and transmitted through the air: Acoustic Phonetics
D. Sounds that are produced with upper and lower lips: Bilabial sounds
E. They are sounds produced by having the air rub against some surface in the mouth or vocal passage causing friction: Fricatives

Task 2: Transcribe the following words (03 points)    

                                                                                                                                           A. Doctor /doktǝ/
B. cup /kAp/
C. mother /madǝ/
(06 Points)
Task 3: Describe the following consonants

1. /k/ Velar, plosive, voiceless consonant                                                                             2. /g/ Velar, plosive, voiced consonant                                                                               3./z/ Alveolar, fricative, voiced consonant
4. /d/ Dental, fricative, voiced consonant
5. /t/ Alveopalatal, affricate, voiceless consonant
6. /m/ Bilabial, nasal, voiced consonant
Task 4: Classify the following words according to their pronunciation (06 points) Bee, eat, spread, bought, shoes, heart, blue, calm, water, friend, food, true
/a:/ Heart, calm
15:/ Bought.
/u:/ Shoes, blue,

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