the meaning of independent learning and explain its boundaries

  • Discuss the meaning of independent learning and explain its boundaries
  • What Internet skills would be helpful in an online class ?
  • Talk about your own experience regarding the difficulties you faced at university.

1) Discuss the meaning of independent learning and explain its boundaries

Independent learning is a method or learning process where learners have ownership and control of their learning ,they learn by their own actions and direct, regulate, and assess their own learning. The independent learner is able to set goals, make choices, and decisions about how to meet his learning needs, take responsibility for constructing and carrying out his own learning, monitor his progress toward achieving his learning goals, and self-assess the learning outcomes. With independent learning, students do their own research and ask questions, rather than relying solely on the materials that their teacher or instructor hands them however it has some boundaries as it requires self-motivation and discipline. Students must design their own schedules, methodologies, and drives to complete certain tasks, which can be difficult. Also, self-studying might not have the luxury of having faculty or those with experience to guide the education process.

2) Boundaries : the (04) principal boundary types :

1- Expertise boundary

· Rationale  you don’t have the expertise or training, other people in your institution are employed for these purposes,examples:

1) Mental health a learner making suicide threats.

2) Counselling specific example=>A learner who has suffered a bereavement.

3) Safeguarding for specific example=>A learner who you think may be the victim of sexual exploitation by things they have said to you.

4) Accommodation for specific example=>A learner who has had to leave home and seeks advice from you about what to do.

2- Temporal (time) boundaries

· Rationale you, as a resource for your learners, are not a limitless resource; equality and fairness to all your learners needs maintaining for specific example =>a learner with complex individual needs who could take up an increasing and excessive amount of your time.

3 –  Behavioural boundaries

Your responsibility is to influence learner behaviour but you are not able to control learner behaviour; there is the structure of a disciplinary process behind you,for example => Poor learner behaviour. Specific examples => Repeated ‘low level’ disruptive behaviour from a learner over a period of time without any sign of improvement.

A learner who displays violent behaviour.

4 – Peer boundaries

· Rationale the promotion of respect and professionalism amongst your learners. For example => a learner who does not recognise and apply boundaries with their peers.

  • What Internet skills would be helpful in an online class ?

Internet skills (connecting, accessing sites, using browser, Ability to use online communication tools, such as email (create, send, receive, reply, print, send/receive attachments), discussion boards (read, search, post, reply, follow threads), chats, and messengers.

  • Talk about your own experience regarding the difficulties you faced at university

It’s been almost 3 years after graduating from college, yet I clearly remember my first day as a college student . It is indeed one of the memorable experiences of my life. Even though university days are supposed to be one of our best phases of life, there are many difficulties I faced in there especially as a freshman and they were enough to change my academic results
As I was a computer science student I needed to absorb and retain a big amount of information everyday but rather than focusing on my lessons I was distracted by many trivial matters such as the long road I had to take every morning untill i arrive to my university . I was also confused by the teatchers methods of teaching which was really fast paced , besides that I had to socialize with my colleags to finish our projects togather and that wasted a lot of my time and energy and made me realise I can be more productif all by myself .
Attending college was really a stressful time for me dealing with all of the academic pressure and every thing so i was struggling with my mental health .

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