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Service Pack 2 pour Windows XP Professionnel Édition 64 bits

For the most nostalgic and for XP PCs, this Service Pack 3 is the latest update of Microsoft’s operating system. It includes more than 1000 patches including support for NAP or WAP2 for wireless networks.

The latest update for Windows XP!
Service Pack 3 for Windows XP was released in May 2008 and offers more than 1000 fixes for Microsoft’s operating system. However, it is less complete than Service Pack 2 which alone added Security Center or Windows Media Player 9.

What it offers:
Service Pack 3 does not require the installation of previous service packs and offers more than 1200 security and other fixes. Among the new features, SP3 adds WAP2 support for wireless networks as well as NAP support, for Network Access Protection.

Why download it?
Since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in 2004, Windows PCs have been potential security vulnerabilities. Downloading SP3 still minimizes some risks. Even if many software have logically announced the end of support for Windows XP, including Dropbox or Google Chrome, the old OS is still present in many ATMs and in Eastern European countries.

Nom du fichier WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe
Format exe
Taille 351 Mo
Date de sortie 13 mars 2007
Hash (SHA-1) 7f8e909c52d23ac8b5dbfd73f1f12d3ee0fe794c
Architecture x64 (64 bits)
Langue English

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