Practice One, From all the aspects what I value the most in a literary text ?

Task One: Which of the following aspects do you value the most in a literary text? Discuss

Plot, enjoyment, the writer’s style, the turning point, characters’ attitudes and reactions

Answer :

From all the aspects what I value the most in a literary text are the plot and the charecters attitudes and reactions because the plot is what derives the story and engages the reader as it is the map that shows where the story is going ,without a strong plot the story will likely be boring and uninteresting,and every good plot will make us enojy the charecters developpement and their rections is what will make us understand that growth so we can be able to determine the significance of the story’s events .

Task Two: Read the text carefully, and then answer the questions

Literature is the language of rebellion, controversy, critical theory, and self-determination. It is the route by which cultures have declared their independence and reserved their cultural past. When there are few tools at a person’s disposal to voice communicate their experiences with the world, they often turn to literature. Notably, it is authentic material. Most works of literature are not created for the primary purpose of teaching a language. Many authentic samples of language in real-life contexts (i.e. travel timetables, city plans, forms, pamphlets, cartoons, advertisements, newspaper or magazine articles) are included within recently developed course materials. Thus, in a classroom context, learners are exposed to actual language samples of real life / real life like settings.

For many language learners, the ideal way to increase their understanding of verbal / nonverbal aspects of communication in the country within which that language is spoken – a visit or an extended stay – is just not probable. For such learners, literary works, such as novels, plays, short stories, etc. facilitate understanding how communication takes place in that country.  Moreover, it provides learners with a wide range of individual lexical or syntactic items. Students become familiar with many features of the written language, reading a substantial and contextualized body of text.  Literature can be also useful in the language learning process owing to the personal involvement it fosters in the reader.

Literature may be an art, but writing is a craft, and a craft must be learned. Talent, special ability in the arts, may appear at an early age; the special personality called genius may indeed be born, not made. But skill in matching intention and expression comes with practice.

1- Give a title to the text : The major role of literature

2- Give the general idea of the text:

Literature is work of art made with words and it has a mojor role to understand any community as it is the mirror of society issues besides that litererature is so beneficial for impriving language skills.

3- Match the headings with the paragraphs of the text (mention the number of each paragraph):

1)   People can enhance their writing skills and write literary works        (3§)

2)   Literature is the mirror of society issues                                             (1§)

3)   Literature is beneficial for improving language skills                        (2§)

4- Find out in the text words/ phrases that are similar in meaning to the following words

l Genuine (1§) = authentic.

l Fundamental (2§) = ideal.

5- Generate four separate sentences using these words

Culture –expression- lexical- context

1)  Culture is an expression of a country or community. This makes culture an important and important factor that determines how a country acts, reacts and develops. Culture plays an important role in the lives of individuals and societies.

2) We define self-expression as the expression of a person’s thoughts and feelings, and thèse expressions can be achieved through words, choices, or actions.

3) The lexical discussion therefore, constitutes an authentic learning situation making it possible to indicate, grasp and find known words which maintain meaningful links with a target word.

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4) The context of the religious debates was current when the plays were written and performed

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