English home work type sentence

Activity 1

Identify the sentence type. Circle any coordinating or subordinating conjunctions. Underline independent clauses once and dependent clauses twice. Then, explain what function the sentence is performing.

Harry Potter was rejected from many publishers before J.K. Rowling found success.

Sentence type : complex sentence,

Function : chain of events

Even though the patients showed various symptoms, the clinical study found that lack of sleep contributes to the inability to focus, irritability, and poorer health.

Sentence type: complex sentence,

Function: to convey cause and effect and chain of events

More and more students are relying on online databases to find sources.

Sentence type : simple sentence,

Function : to declare statement

The business analysts proposed higher numbers for next quarter, and they expect to exceed those numbers the following quarter.

Sentence type : compound sentence

Function : to combine similar ideas

Homeless teens face intense obstacles, but when it comes to schooling, they do have the chance to receive an education if they enroll in a special program.

Sentence type: compound-complex sentence

Function: to convey cause and effect and chain of events

Activity 2

Practice composing your own sentences given the information provided. Consider what sentence type will be best to express the information.

1. You are telling the reader about three important qualities of a character in a book.


From the book of biography, the prophet MUHAMMED (PBUH) was honest, trustworthy and the most compassionate to people and animals that even Before he became a prophet, he was called “al-Sadiq and al-Amin” meaning a person who is truthful and trustworthy/faithful.

2. You are showing both sides of an argument.


Humans impact the physical environment in many ways such as pollution  and deforestation which may triggered climate change However, natural events such as volcanoes and fires effect as well.

3. You are wondering about the types of resources available to students at SJSU. Sentence:

What are the types of resources that are available to students at SJSU.

4. You are describing a sequence of events.


Scientists first identified a human coronavirus in 1965 which It caused a common cold. Later that decade, researchers found a group of similar human and animal viruses and named them after their crown-like appearance.

5. You are providing extensive detail about a particular event.


November 1st is the anniversary of the Algerian people’s revolution against colonialism which was a painful revolution of a people that rose up in arms aginst the French government and military bases across Algeria calling for all Algerians to support the fight for full independence.

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